During a visit to New York in 2001, I enrolled in a three-month introduction to Ashtanga yoga. This practice taught me discipline and commitment, values I encourage students to embrace and cultivate during their yoga experience. Incorporating the lessons of yoga throughout the day helps me realize how essential it is to build awareness and consciousness. This manifests in a healthy body and takes the practice of yoga to a higher level.

After completing a 500-hour teacher's training course in Sadanga Yoga, I saw my body and posture significantly improve, inspiring me to open my own studio in Amman. The philosophy behind Yogati is to remind us that each individual has unique experiences and tensions. Because our bodies are unique, I believe yoga shouldn't be taught in a rigid manner. Yogati classes challenge the body while at the same time learning to honor our limits.

In addition to providing yoga classes, I offer therapeutic Thai massage, particularly suited to those with tight joints, spine injuries, and other physical ailments. The instruction I received at the Thai School of Massage in Chaing Mai, Thailand, influenced my teaching style, which includes hands-on adjustments and special attention to the areas of the body that hold the most tension.

My practice continues to evolve with my students, exploring various types of yoga, bodywork, and meditation.

"Love equals no fear. If there is fear face it. If there is tension feel it."

                                                                                                                                               Dina Khairy