The Vision

Yogati's vision is to encourage students to embrace change and nurture individuality. Creating a community of positive and motivated people.

The Meaning

Yogati, or my yoga in Arabic, reminds us that yoga is an individual practice focused on creating awareness of the self. Yogati encourages students to follow their own unique path to health and well-being.

The Mission

Yogati's mission is to foster personal growth by following these yogic principles:

Love: In yoga, love is the highest principle. It is defined by the idea of fearlessness. Fear is a natural emotion that must be confronted in order to move beyond the obstacles we face in our daily lives.

Clarity and Creativity: Questioning oneself is the first step toward awareness and the understanding that we are the creators of our own destiny. The highest identity in yoga is that of the creator.

Responsibility: Realizing that we have the power to decide who we want to be and how we want to act brings us to a more responsible state of awareness.

Discipline: Without determination and perseverance, students will not be able to reach their full potential. It's not the intensity of the practice, but the consistency that bears fruit.

Integrity: Being true to oneself and others is a necessary quality to building a strong foundation for your practice and life in general. To have integrity, one must align thoughts, words and actions.

Action: Our health doesn't improve by thoughts alone. Without work there is no practice. The effort to leave one's comfort zone and challenge oneself is an essential step to creating what we desire.

Connection: Yoga is built on the concept of connection, thus we are all connected. When we become aware of our bond to all living things, we establish a sense of healthy belonging.