Yoga is a diverse and layered practice that integrates many types of exercises such as breathing, meditation, stretching and joint-opening asana (postures) as well as other, faster, dynamic vinyasa (series of movements). The ultimate goals of yoga are to raise awareness, expand one's consciousness, and create the body one desires.

How does yoga work?

The principle of all forms of exercise is to stress tissue so the body will respond by strengthening it. Yoga provides a perfect challenge not only for the body but also the mind.

Benefits of yoga training:

• Strengthens, lengthens, and stabilizes the body.
• Re-aligns posture and relieves spinal stress.
• De-stresses and releases all types of tension.
• Reworks and rebalances your entire muscular-skeletal system.
• Stimulates your adrenal glands and flushes your lymphatic system.
• Sharpens the mind and increases focus.
• Develops agility and hand-brain coordination. Strengthens neural connections and even creates  new ones; improving connection between the hemispheres
         of the brain.
• The breathing and the raised heart rate provides cardio exercise.

A common misconception is that yoga practices are intended for comfort and relaxation. Though yoga is composed of a combination of meditation, breathing and stretching routines, it is also a physical discipline that involves challenging exercise.