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Ms. Khairi is serious, no-nonsense professional in the manner of scheduling and conducting her classes, and is well-versed in various yoga practices. Moreover, she is continuously upgrading her knowledge and skills by attending courses for her own personal development, which in turn, benefits her client base greatly.

Deena Kalimat Tugoz

Dina's persistent yet gentle encouragement has opened my eyes to the eastern world's body, mind and soul healing. I have attended her classes which I experienced as dynamic and precise. Her ability to give each class member her full attention is extremely motivating. Compared to other yoga classes I have attended, Dina's where interesting as well as interactive at times and flowed fluidly giving the member an energized sensation and general overall feeling of positivity, motivation and calm all at the same time.

Hayat Fakhouri

Dina's Thai massage therapy was one of the best and most effective relaxation cures I had experienced. Besides her dexterous massage techniques, Dina is a very warm and empathetic person. She deals with other people's pain not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually helping others to relax inside out.

Pascale Kashouh

As an instructor, Dina provides more than yoga classes. She is genuinely interested in her students, their health issues and areas where they wish to improve. She follows up and follows through, generously answering questions whenever students have them about pretty much anything. Dina's passion for her work and the results she gets from her students make her the most motivated and knowledgeable instructor I have ever had.

Kristen Michelle Gillespie

Dina has proven to be an extraordinary teacher; she harbors an intense passion for her work and she inspires her students to cultivate a love for this very special discipline. In addition to her competence, Dina also maintains great integrity and displays genuine care and concern for her students. Her in-depth knowledge of the actual physical aspects and impact of yoga – and her ability to apply her skills – has helped me immensely in recovering from the physical trauma of pregnancy and labor. Dina is an excellent yoga teacher with a lot to teach and give to her students regardless of their level of practice.

Mrs. Eveline Claesson Mouasher

Of all the yoga classes I've tried, I believe Dina's to be the best. Her instruction is very detailed and she really challenges her students. From the first week, I felt the physical benefits, as well as an increased sense of calm and focus, which was a direct result of the yoga class.

Heather Perné

I have known Dina Khairy, in her capacity as my personal Yoga Instructor, for the past five years. As an avid yoga student who has had many different types of yoga classes with instructors in various parts of the world, I can safely say that my experience with Dina has been by far the most beneficial and rewarding. Dina is a true Yogi in every respect. Her character is balanced, intelligent, giving, caring, accepting, loving, and wise.

Tania Harb

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